Veeam Cloud Connect

Does your company already make use of VEEAM? Then Veeam Cloud Connect is the answer for you to make fast and safe back-ups in the cloud. In 1-2-3 steps you put your data back if necessary.

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No more sleepless nights with Veeam Cloud Connect.

With Veeam Cloud Connect we put and safe your back-ups automatically off-site. Without the costs and complexity that an off-site structure often involves. It is an add-on on your current Veeam-infrastructure. Therefore, you will not have to buy new hardware. It is a fast, safe and integrated way to make back-ups in the cloud and more than that to restore it in no time.

5 reasons why we recommend Veeam Cloud Connect

  1. Simple and fast according to the 3-2-1 rule.

    According to this rule you need 3 copies of your data, saved on 2 types of storage devices of which 1 copy offsite. By using Veeam Cloud Connect you practice this rule perfectly, without unnecessary money and assets.

  2. More safety without control to lose.

    You keep access and full control of your data in the cloud. This way you always are informed of everything what is going on. And more to that you can follow every detail. You have your own key, and this locally and easy.

  3. A fast and efficient Disaster Recovery Service

    When something goes wrong, we guarantee a fast recovery of all you data, applications and other IT-processes. We make sure you are back online and  up and running within minutes.

  4. Simple & easy configuration with Stuart

    A small add-on in your configuration is enough to sync all your back-ups with our data center..

  5. A local, flexible and cost efficient security

    You only pay what you use with our flexible system. As you monitor your own systems you can shift very fast and make monthly adjustments for less or more space in the cloud.


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