Enterprise Cloud

Your own data center in the cloud, flexible in sizing, without investment? That is possible. We link this virtual data center with on-premise IT-infrastructure.

We speak your language

We don’t like to impose certain technologies on you. We want to listen and want to speak your language to offer you the right solution for you and your company.

Transformation by flexibility

We offer you the possibility to transform your company and to integrate your IT with solid cloud solutions. Flexible solutions that enhance your business agility. We make sure you are ready for the future and take up this challenge with you.

Is IT on the same rhythm as your business?

As a business you are faced with enormous challenges these days. The ability to respond fast to new developments will be a crucial element in the further growth and existence of your company. Technology is an essential element in this. How can IT service your business at the fast pace your business is moving forward?

Virtual data center in the cloud

The role of your IT-department has changed. The installation and management of your infrastructure has been replaced by the management of applications.

The future of successful and effective IT-departments has changed to a more hybrid one: a combination of your own infrastructure and cloud that allows you to be proactive to the organisation and market needs.

Enterprise cloud in detail

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Virtual Data center

Your own VMware data center in the cloud. Completely separated from others but using the benefits from the bigger environment. This offers you the flexibility to define the number of resources yourself and adapt it to your own needs. You keep all the functionalities of a dedicated VMware environment and enjoy the flexibility of the cloud.

Full control

You manage your own data center, completely separated from other clients. You create your own networks, servers, firewalls, … in your own virtual environment. This gives you a gigantic flexibility. Furthermore you keep 100% control and you guarantee the safety of your data and infrastructure.

Multiple data centers

We take no risk what so ever with your data. Each component in the Stuart network is completely duplicated: servers,  connections, storage firewalls,… . We use two different data centers for all your projects and one third of your backups. That way you are sure that your applications are always available.


We invest in developing new technologies and acquire the knowledge to implement them. Therefore we can built profound relationships with leading companies as VMware, HPE and Veeam,…  We use VMware for example as leading platform to setup your own virtual data center.

We speak your language

  • Ability to connect with corporate network (LAN-extension)
  • Combi physical installation and cloud (collocation) on the same network
  • Possibility to choice firewall vendor
  • Seamless integration with your own monitoring
  • Optimization of your process to adapt resource capacity
  • Possible to built your own catalog (own images) in V-cloud
  • Choose your level of redundancy
  • Your own pool of resources at your disposal
  • Backup to a 3rd data center in Belgium where you define your own backup parameters.
  • Clear SLA-agreement
  • Service department in your own laguage with professional cloud engineers at your disposal 24/7.
  • Our experts come on site

GDPR explained in plain language

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Download onze onepager Enterprise Cloud

Onepager Enterprise Cloud

A hybrid solution

We not only can take care of your virtual environment. You can also integrate your hardware and servers that you did not virtualize. That way we work together with you on a hybrid solution.



GIMV knows uptime is crucial for their business

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How about a hybrid cloud model?

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Our clients speak

From the beginning we had an immediate connection with the people from Stuart.

For us it is a partner that thinks with us and guides us. We trust them. Their technical knowledge and preparedness to step into our story made us choose for them.

Kristof Poppe, IT-Manager GIMV

In 2014 we developed at CM a Digital Transformation Strategy. We see Stuart as a building stone within this process of transformation.
With there expertise we have the knowledge and drive to accelerate when necessary. We could count on them to make bold choices. They dare and are very agile to let this transformation motor run.

Steve De Veirman, Digital Transformation & Corporate Strategy Manager

100% availability is a state of mind. You need to go to sleep with it and get up with it. This is only possible if we surrounds ourselves with partners who impregnated with the same state and believes.

A partner who dares to take this challenge and goes for it. We found in Stuart the ideal partner for this.

Maarten Verwaest, CEO Limecraft