Cloud Native

Pure cloud infrastructure with the necessary flexibility, agility and automation to advance your business. This way your developers can focus on what is really important; your cloud native application.

Ahead in cloud

Our team gets to work with the newest technology very early before it even gets to the market. Therefore we can ensure you the best solution even before the market picks it up. This new technology is tested, prepared for production and made ready for ‘easy-to-use’.

Private, public OpenStack, containers, Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment,… All 24/7 supported by our dedicated engineers.

Highest level of engagement

Cloud often seems to be a synonym for bigger, industrialized and impersonal. Nothing is less true at Stuart. We are there to guide you through the grey areas of cloud. Not only our dedicated support engineers are there for you but we also keep you informed through our webinars, info sessions and events.

We want to think along with you on how to built your application . We give you advice on what technologies to use. At your office, by phone or mail. Day or night, weekends or holidays. In your language.

No limit in what you create

Speed in development and new features in production fast, that is the power of cloud native. An integrated process
of writing code, building the application, testing and enrolling in different environments to finally go to production for the end consumer.
To achieve this, you need to automate, request and suspend cloud resources through an API. We make these API’s available for you. At all time you are in control of your resources and we help you when necessary with the


Cloud Native in detail

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You fully concentrate on the development and building of your applications. We take care of the automated continuous
deployment without interruptions. We manage the complete set-up and integration of this entire process in our public cloud.

Agile, scrums & sprints

We align to the rhythm of your scrum-team and sprints so you don’t need to worry about the necessary resources
when you need them. Our engineers speak the same language. Your mindset is our mindset.


Download onze Onepager ‘Cloud Native’

Onepager Cloud Native

GDPR explained in plain language

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How about a hybrid cloud model?

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The guarantee of flexibility, speed and performance by our client MCSC

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Smooth management with OpenStack

OpenStack is an open source cloud platform for private and public environments. It makes sure that you can manage smoothly your own cloud, servers, networks, firewalls and load balancers. This is done through a webinterface or by using the many API’s the platform has to offer you. For more than 3 years Stuart has a team of dedicated
engineers on OpenStack. Therefore we were the first Belgian cloud provider to market a public OpenStack platform.

Our clients speak

From the beginning we had an immediate connection with the people from Stuart.

For us it is a partner that thinks with us and guides us. We trust them. Their technical knowledge and preparedness to step into our story made us choose for them

Kristof Poppe, IT-manager Gimv

In 2014 we developed at CM a Digital Transformation Strategy. We see Stuart as a building block within this process of transformation.

With there expertise we have the knowledge and drive to accelerate when necessary. We could count on them to make bold choices. They dare and are very agile to let this transformation motor run.

Steve De Veirman, Digital Transformation Manager

100% availability is a state of mind. You need to go to sleep with it and get up with it. This is only possible if we surround ourselves with partners who impregnated with the same state and believes.

A partner who dares to take this challenge and goes for it. We found in Stuart the ideal partner for this.

Maarten Verwaest, CEO Limecraft