Backup & Disaster Recovery

You will at some point get confronted with a scenario where your IT-systems go down. Are you prepared for such a situation? Let us help you.

Your data is safe in our cloud

Is your company prepared for the worst? Power cut or a not properly working air conditioning in your data center?  Each company will be confronted one way or the other with horrifying scenarios when their IT-systems break down. Are you prepared for such a break down. One that sets all your company processes offline because of the failure of your local IT-infrastructure.

More than a partner

At Stuart we want to be more than just another cloud partner where you can turn to for computing and storage capacity. We want to personally guide you in making the right choices by offering you clear and thought solutions. We can provide end-to-end solutions with a complete synchronization of your on-premise infrastructure and IT-processes.


Remote back-up of your data

Everything starts with bringing a copy of your data to one of our Belgian data centers. Your data is kept safe by encryption. Not only your companies continuity is safeguarded by your back-up in the cloud more even those from your customers.


Disaster Recovery in our cloud

You can choose for speed, scalability and flexibility with one of our Disaster Recovery solutions. In a split of a second we restart, when needed, your IT-systems and processes in our cloud environment. Furthermore you pay only from the moment you need to use this. This simple pay-per-use model makes sure you keep your cost under control.

Backup en Disaster Recovery in detail

Discover the world of back-up and Disaster Recovery

Remote back-up with Veeam Cloud Connect

If you already use Veeam, you can synchronize all your back-ups in our data center with a small adjustment in your configuration.

You add our data center simply by adding a location to where we sent the copy of your data at the end of each back-up. In that way your data is kept safely outdoors.


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VMware virtual datacenter as a building block for Disaster Recovery


In our cloud you get your own virtual data center. This way all your data is separated from other clients and you still benefit from the flexibility and scalabilty of a cloud solution. We can guarantee you the compatibility with your on-premise VMware environment by using their technology. When something goes wrong we guarantee recovery of your data, applications and other IT-processes within minutes.



First we discuss what procedure fits your company. We can, if you like, test this procedure beforehand  to make sure everything runs smoothly when disaster happens. You choose until what extent you want us to be involved. No matter what you choose, we guarantee a quick recovery process.


A hybrid solution

We do not stop with a virtual environment. We integrate your hardware and servers that are not virtualized without any problem.


GDPR explained in plain language

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Perhaps your company already uses Veeam as a back-up tool? Well, Veeam Cloud Connect can be an easy add-on and must-have to back-up your data in a safe way in the cloud and to recover it fast when needed. Your data is copied to one of our Belgian data centers. That way you have safe, fast back-ups that you can recover in 1-2-3!

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Download onze Onepager 'Back-up' & Disaster Recovery'

Download onze Onepager ‘Back-up’ & Disaster Recovery’

Onepager Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our clients speak

From the beginning we had an immediate connection with the people from Stuart.

For us it is a partner that thinks with us and guides us. We trust them. Their technical knowledge and preparedness to step into our story made us choose for them.

Kristof Poppe, IT-manager, Gimv

In 2014 we developed at CM a Digital Transformation Strategy. We see Stuart as a building block within this process of transformation.

With there expertise we have the knowledge and drive to accelerate when necessary. We could count on bold choices from their side. They dare and have the rhythm to let this change and transformation motor run smoothly.

Steve De Veirman, Digital Transform Manager

100% availability is a state of mind. You need to go to sleep with it and get up with it.

This is only possible if we surround ourselves with partners who impregnated with the same state and believes. A partner who dares to take this challenge and goes for it. We found in Stuart the ideal partner for this.

Maarten Verwaest, founder of Limecraft