MCSC chooses a solid partner that speaks their language

Our client is always the first on our mind.

8 Sep, 2016 Kirsten Ujvari

More than just a cloud provider

MCSC (Micro Computer Service Center) delivers end-to-end solutions on IT in the SMB-market in Belgium.  “Our customers are those companies that don’t have an IT-department. We take away all of their IT-concerns.”, says owner and founder Marcel Waeyenbergh. “The direct contact is so important for us and our customers. We take away all of their IT-concerns and solve everything for them. This requires the utmost trust.”, says Marcel.

The need of a SMB for cloud

“A couple of years ago we received the first demand for cloud services. Today we can offer a range of possibilities that fit my client’s specific needs.  Our customers have the the choice to bring either everything in the cloud , a part or choose to work with traditional IT.  50% of my clients choose to go to the cloud and see the direct benefit of it; flexibility, stability and performance.” says Marcel. “The enormous investment in IT-infrastructure to receive the same benefits without cloud is often the factor to go for a cloud solution. They can react very fast to their market needs and this is a necessity to grow your business.”

The guarantee of flexibility, speed and performance 

“To offer these solutions to our customers we needed a solid cloud provider. One that understands us, one that we can trust and one who has a direct personal contact. If your client wants flexibility, stability and high performance, you need to make sure you have the right partner to do that with you. One that keeps their promise.  Our customer wants one person, one contact, a personal touching point. This is the main reason why we choose to work with Stuart. We do not want to be another number in the list. A solid partner that thinks likes us and speaks the same language, aligned with your corporate values.  That’s why we like to work with Stuart”, declares Marcel. “The more customers we now have in the cloud, the more we need to be able to rely on Stuart as a partner. We can trust them.”

We speak the same language

“Our client is always the first on our mind. As MCSC does with their clients. Immediate solution and direct contact.  MCSC does not want to lie awake, worrying about these things. We as Stuart, we want to be sure it gets solved right away. We help our customers to grow, to think and to find solutions together. They know they can count on us.” says Pepijn Palmans, Managing Director of Stuart.


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