More than just a cloud partner

Our ambition is to find you the best possible solution. You will find us on-premise to test, enroll and support the entire process in a safe environment. We promise you a continuous availability.

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More than 100% especially for you

Local & available

Our cloud engineers are there for you 24/7 and visit you whenever necessary. We are more than just a partner. We speak your language and are there to guide you personally. You are not a number. Your data stays close to home, safe and well backup-ed in Belgium.

Agility & flexibility

You define what services you need. You have always the flexibility to adjust on a day-to-day basis. You keep total control of your IT due to this agility and the fast pace you can adapt. This way you can meet the demands of your market at fast pace.

Enterprise mindset

We speak your language. We have solid partnerships with renowned companies as HPE, VMware, Veeam, ... that guarantee an efficient implementation and seamless integration with your existing IT-infrastructure if needed.

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Belgian data centers

Your data is saved redundant in our 3 Belgian data centers. This way your data stays within the borders.


We scan your environment on a regular basis so that you can adjust where and when necessary. This way you can optimize your resources and costs.

ISO27001 certified

With the ISO27001-certificate we offer you an extended guarantee for the safety of your data. We use the highest standards and latest technologies what encryption, entrance control and network security is concerned.

Your data, your property

Your data remains yours. You can always get a copy of your data.

Cost efficient

You determine what you need. You pay what you use. This way you avoid any surprise.

Clear SLA

We deliver you a crystal clear transparent SLA (Service Level Agreement). This gives you the right as a customer to address us if needed to our service. It gives us the motivation to continuously do it better.

Solid & recognized building blocks

A solid, seamless integration and implementation can be made because of our profound partnerships with VMware, HPE, OpenStack, Veeam, Microsoft, ...


Our people are the core of our business. Therefore we invest a lot so they can develop and experiment to bring us the newest technologies. We dare to say that we are 2 year ahead of our competitors. Therefore you are also one step ahead of them as well.


We invest in our people so they can maximize their talents and immerse the latest technologies. Our team watches over our brand promises and make sure we keep them towards our customers and stakeholders.

Every employee is specialized in their discipline; from administration, development and support to business development and marketing.

We are a fast-growing company on the Belgian market. We are constantly looking for dynamic, driven people to join our team.

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Stuart is a fast-growing business on the Belgian market. We are continuously looking for dynamic people to join our team.