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Our Clients

In 2014 we developed at CM a Digital Transformation Strategy. We see Stuart as a building block within this process of transformation.

With there expertise we have the knowledge and drive to accelerate when necessary. We could count on bold choices from their side. They dare and have the rhythm to let this change and transformation motor run smoothly.

Steve De Veirman, Digital Transform Manager

100% availability is a state of mind. You need to go to sleep with it and get up with it.

This is only possible if we surround ourselves with partners who impregnated with the same state and believes. A partner who dares to take this challenge and goes for it. We found in Stuart the ideal partner for this.

Maarten Verwaest, founder of Limecraft

From the beginning we had an immediate connection with the people from Stuart.

For us it is a partner that thinks with us and guides us. We trust them. Their technical knowledge and preparedness to step into our story made us choose for them.

Kristof Poppe, IT-manager, Gimv

Our partners

We built our tailor-made solutions on well-known and consistent building blocks from our solid partners. Therefore we are your long-term trusted partner.